What is this?

It’s my personal newsletter. I’m very newsworthy, so rather than having to set up a Google Alert to monitor me, I’ll distill the happenings in my life down to an easily digestible newsletter.


The first part was true though! This is my personal newsletter. I’ll use it to explore topics that are interesting to me. I’ll try to stay original and do my best to synthesize my learnings.

Why subscribe?

I can’t promise subscribing is a good idea, or that there’s a common theme (hence the name, undirected cyclic thoughts). But, I can promise to (a) never charge you and (b) avoid becoming a list of links that direct you elsewhere. My thoughts are GMO-free.

Who are you?

I’m Will. I’ve been managing the engineering team at an early-stage startup in NY for the past year. Prior to that, I was a PM of a data team. Before that, I cofounded SolutionLoft, a startup that set out to make code reuse better. In practice, we landed somewhere different… that’s startups for you!

I’m currently working on a new thing that sits in the healthcare payments space. If there’s ever a healthcare or finance current in my writings, that’s probably why.

Here’s my personal website that has links to other places I live on the internet.

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